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Miriam Poggio

Global Real Estate Advisor

Miriam Poggio serves as a top producing real estate advisor for ONE Sotheby’s Realty primarily in the South East Florida luxury residential market, where she thrives in its multicultural environment.  After many years of earning the trust and respect from customers and peers alike, Miriam has recently turned to her strong and diverse International Network and has expanded her business to a global level.

Miriam was born and educated in Argentina where she later became an attorney; another element that proves to be imperative in a role that requires increased attention to detail. Due to her residence in the United States and Latin America and her global Luxury Goods career, she gained fluency in Spanish, Italian, and English, and has become an articulate, sophisticated and multifaceted professional, with powerful interpersonal skills. 

They served as volunteers at UNITED NATIONS refugee camps for four years. These experiences gave Miriam a new strength for life, where nothing is impossible.  She transmits this optimism daily to her sphere of influence and to all those that she meets. Miriam’s single child, Bautista, has started working closely with her in her Real Estate Profession. It seems that he will follow in his mother's footsteps, as evidenced by his recent residence in Haiti for the International Volunteer Program for Teens.

Her solid corporate background molded her to be a resourceful problem solver, a formidable negotiator, a proven marketing executive, a dedicated partner always energized by new challenges, putting forward an unsurpassed customer service, and a strong sense of commitment. Miriam Poggio is a Real Estate phenomenon, mother, and professional completely dedicated to facilitating transactions for her clients. From lending and legal advice to handling mundane maintenance issues, Miriam is a one-stop-shop where clients can relax knowing that they're in the hands of someone who will establish a relationship that transcends just a typical real estate transaction. Miriam Poggio is a specialist in flipping properties, having created and managed portfolios for several international investor groups.  She understands all phases:  selection, acquisition, staging, interior design and renovation, property management, and liquidation. Her interior design skills allow her to assist her clients to maximize the full potential of each property she represents. Although Miriam resides in Miami, she has property listings throughout the world and provides excellent service to all clients. Whether in Europe, Latin America, or Miami, her clients have 24/7 access to Miriam. In addition, Miriam displays property listings through broad marketing channels and vehicles, including all of the most important real estate sites and social networks.

She has been able to apply all her professional qualities and skills to the real estate world where matching sellers and buyers is always a challenge, where creative solutions have to be found in a multitude of cases, where marketing skills are a necessity, and where negotiation and strategy are essential. Miriam is the perfectly qualified real estate professional to lead any client to a successful closing. Her broad set of professional skills and experience gives her an undisputed edge in understanding the present market status and future market trends.

Bautista Carugati

Global Real Estate Advisor

Bautista Carugati is 18 years old. Bautista is the son of Ricardo Carugati, a renowned Soccer coach, director of FIFA, and a volunteer for the United Nations, who died when Bautista was only 6 months old, and Miriam Poggio, who has a degree in Law and is a top producing agent for One Sotheby’s International Realty. Bautista arrived in Miami when he was just under a year with his mother to live in Miami and never thought that going with her to every showing and every open house would be what would motivate him to follow in her footsteps. Bautista has been educated in Gulliver Academy, in Coral Gables, since he was 4 years old. During the summer he studied at Le Rosey Institute in Switzerland, where he has had the opportunity to connect with tons of celebrities, royalty, and European aristocrats.

Freshman in High School, he moved to Rhode Island and attended a boarding school. He speaks perfect English, Spanish, French, and is studying Mandarin. “ I remember one time when I was 11 years old my mom had to show a unit in the building we live in. I was doing homework at the time and I received a call from my mother saying she was stuck in traffic in the middle of an accident and that she would never arrive in time for the showing. She asked me if I was capable of taking the keys, opening the door, turning on the lights, and wait for the Realtor that would soon arrive with her clients. I was excited about this proposal and I did it to perfection. Although my mother’s instructions didn’t say I had to talk during the showing I remember that I had 3 people behind me to whom I showed and explained everything about the unit to. A few hours later my mother received a call from her colleague congratulating her for "The Assistant."

Bautista has decided to accompany his career in business & Economics with Real Estate. Currently, he is preparing to take the real estate license test. He has become the best marketing support his mom has had. After graduating from High School he plans to work full-time at One Sotheby’s International Realty and plans on starting college while working. He has the right blend of energy and determination, old and new means of communication. He enjoys social media, soccer, and sailing. He is handsome, polite, and full of character and integrity.

​​​​​​​“When I see my name on a listing I will finally feel like I have achieved something great. I want to be successful at this. I want to be my mother’s partner by the time I'm 20. October 15, 2019, He put his license at One Sotheby's International Realty. Today he is a part of Miriam Poggio's team.”

"You Don't Get What You Wish For. You Get What You Work For."

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A listing with Miriam ensures a listing displayed everywhere. Reliability, empathy and astuteness are the fundamentals for any recipe of success. With Miriam the final dish is excellence.

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